The YMCA DC Youth & Government program relies on approximately 30 volunteers each year to ensure the smooth operation of the program.  Volunteers are the backbone of our program.  Their time and talent help us to fulfill our mission of empowering our youth to become ethical leaders and responsible citizens.  None of our annual conferences or program initiatives would be possible without the mentorship and hope they bring to students, teachers, community leaders, and program staff members.

Interested in volunteering with the YMCA DC Youth & Government program?

Please email [email protected] to request a Volunteer Form.  We encourage you to look into the volunteer opportunities described in more detail to ensure the best match within the program.  No matter how you choose to volunteer, you will make a big difference in the lives of students.

  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    • Civic Engagement Leader: Civic Engagement Leaders work directly with the participating students at the local delegation level.  Through their commitment and motivation, Civic Engagement Leaders have the potential to greatly impact the students’ experience in the program and to build strong, confident, and engaged students.  The Civic Engagement Leader supports one delegation (participating high school or organization) throughout the school year by attending the delegation’s weekly club meetings.  During the meetings, the Civic Engagement Leader is expected to assist students in the bill writing process and learning parliamentary procedures.  Civic Engagement Leaders should also serve as a mentor to students as they prepare for college by acting as a positive role model and answering questions about applying for college, college life, and financial aid.  Civic Engagement Leaders are encouraged to attend all YMCA DC Youth & Government trainings and events including the Youth Summit Legislative Weekend conferences.
    • Civic Events Leader: The Civic Events Leaders are crucial to the smooth operation of all YMCA DC Youth & Government citywide events.  The program relies heavily on Civic Events Leaders to help run workshops, monitor/chaperone students, and complete miscellaneous administrative and other tasks (i.e. assisting with meals, preparing meeting spaces, and supporting Civic Engagement Leaders, faculty advisors and YMCA DC Youth & Government staff).  Serving as a Civic Events Leader is a great way for interested individuals to learn more about the YMCA DC Youth & Government program.