A Note From the 2021 Youth Mayor

A Note From the 2021 Youth Mayor

Youth Mayor Address

Fellow Delegates,

Within the coming months, we will see a diverse, and robust leadership group at our Tuesday board meetings representing diversity in schools and interests. The soul focus of this program will not just be, about writing bills and legislative weekend — it will be about encouraging every student to find their voice and let their various passions shape how they get involved. We will have a committee of dedicated, talented, and passionate individuals who will work hard to host town halls, social media challenges, and photography contests. We will allow those who have a particular set of skills to benefit the program in many different ways, from designing flyers to revamping our website.

We will become more active throughout the year and become less legislative weekend-centric and instead become engagement-centric year-round. 

Five-Point Plan

#1)  We will increase outreach to every DCPS High School in the city by launching a city-wide campaign to make schools, their principals, and their students aware of what our program is, the activities we run, and the volunteer service hours you get if you join.

#2) I will personally reach out to every delegation that attended today’s conference and provide them with all the support, communication, and transparency you need to recruit more members from their school and increase their delegation size.

#3) We will hold more events for you to participate in, extending beyond our two normal conferences, to include town halls, forums, discussions with elected officials, any ideas you propose, we will work with you to make happen.

#4) We will make sure that our program appeals to all of you. Not just those of us who like to hear ourselves talk, but those of us who are writers, photographers, and visual designers. We are going to revitalize our press core. From an active newsletter to an up & running website to a robust social media presence, we will rewrite what it means to be a member of Youth & Government.

#5) Along the way to doing so, it will take all of us, all of our efforts, all of our skills, all of our passion, and we will shape that passion, and strengthen the culture and spirit of this program.

We have a fantastic year planned for you all! Thank you for being a part of this program and I hope to see you all at our events this year!


YMCA DC Youth Mayor Alex O’Sullivan

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