Student Program Resources

Welcome to the Delegate Resource Section!

The YMCA DC Youth & Government Program Staff hopes that by participating in the program, you will be inspired to further pursue your interests and expand your knowledge regarding public policy, creating change in your community, and local government in general.

This resource section should serve as an overview of how to write a bill, how to debate using parliamentary procedure, how to write and edit a newspaper article, and how to layout and design a newspaper.  There is certainly much more to be learned about public policymaking and journalism than what is included in this section, and we hope your participation in the program will encourage you to investigate other resources.

How to Debate: Debating is an essential part of the delegation curriculum, as well as the Spring Conference. Every delegate needs to know how to communicate effectively and respectfully. Robert’s Rules of Order or Parliamentary Procedure (Parli Pro) helps us streamline communication and ensure everyone can speak.

For visual and audio processors: Parliamentary Procedure Video

For written and verbal processors: DC Chair Script

Program Materials:

Program Manual 2022-2023 (Pages 20-49)
Bill Drafting Guidebook 2022-2023
Bill Template – In Depth
Example of Model Bill: Exemplar Bill 1
Example of Model Bill: Exemplar Bill 2
Five Minute Bill Writing Video
Ten Minute Bill Writing Video